Monday, December 22, 2008

Need a Good Laugh?

Ever have one of the experiences that you wish you could just take back and pretend that it never happened? Had one of those today. Here's the deal: I'm very fortunate to have my hubby drop me off and pick me up at work each day. We work for the same company, but in different buildings. Comes in very handy on these blustery winter days! Anyway, as I head out the door at the end of the day, I see our red F-150 truck waiting for me in the in front of the building. As I get closer, I notice the large build-up of snow/ice on the undercarriage. Doug calls them "fenderburgs":0) So, I think to myself, "gosh, I should probably kick those off before I get in". But, realizing I have high-heeled boots on, I think better of it. I get to the truck door, open in and start to open the back door to put my bag in when I realize that the guy in the driver's seat is not my husband! I totally just opened up someone else's truck and tried to get in! I was in shock and all I could manage to say was "Oh, I'm so sorry!" to which he laughed and said "That's ok!". I was SOOOO embarrassed! I closed the door and walked back to the building to wait for Doug who showed up a few minutes earlier. Of course I told him what had happened and he mentioned he passed that truck on his way in. We laughed most of the way home! Can you imagine if I had started to kick the snow off his truck?! Anyway, just thought I'd share! :0)

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