Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Lampwork Beads

I took some time off from my supplies shop and made a few lampwork beads yesterday. Having two shops has been so much fun, but, it does take a lot out of you! Hope you like them!

Karen :0)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous new beads Karen! Oh boy do I understand what you mean about two shops, ugh! I was happy to see a load of bracelets with your gorgeous focals get shipped off to one of our stores today. They've only had a sampling in the past and we're stocking them up for the holidays - yippee!

Amanda said...

ooooh Mil-Mil!! Love the new beadies!

I hope sales start picking up for the Holidays!

Hey Sharon!

Rocki said...

Always gorgeous. Always facinating. Always jaw-dropping.

You ROCK Karen!

milminedesign said...

Thank you Sharon! I hope the bracelets sell like gang busters for you! :0)

milminedesign said...

Thanks Amanda! Glad you like the beadies! Crossing my fingers for some sales and that Etsy gets their stuff together and fixes the search function. Without that we're all pretty much dead in the water right now.

milminedesign said...

Hey Rocki! Thanks! I sent you a "spooky" picture Friday night. Did it come through?

Karen :0)